Pay Per Click Advertising

While you work to get your website appear higher in search results, you can get more immediate website traffic from potential customers who are already looking for what you offer. 

How Does PPC Work?

PPC operates on an auction system. When using a PPC platform like Google Ads, you specify your desired expenditure, a selection of keywords you’re targeting, the desired destination of your traffic, and the platform will display your advertisement as frequently as possible within your budget.


Effective Ads

PPC allows you to target people already searching for your keywords. Our experience will help you craft the exact right ad language so your ad is clicked by buyers.




Data Driven

With our experience, you don’t have to guess how much you will pay per click. We do competitor analysis and know industry averages and can help you budget. You can regularly analyze how ads are performing against your closing rate and adjust anytime.




Campaign Manager

With our team and the client insight dashboard, we are able to collaborate and adjust ads and budget in real time so you don’t waste a dime or a minute optimizing your ads.


Plan Pricing & Details

Local SEO

($650 – $1,350/mo)

1-6 Keywords

5-30 Target Keywords

Google My Business Manager

Directory Listings

Social Bookmarking

Lead & Call TrackingReview Management

Homepage Heatmap

PPC Campaigns

($100-$175/mo + Budget)

1. Standard PPC

2. Retargeting PPC

3. Display Ad PPC

National SEO Campaigns and Spanish SEO also available!

What You Get With Vendor Flare



Flame Fire Blaze
$650/month $950/month $1,350/month
Keyword Category 1 3 6
Target Keywords 5 15 30
On Page Optimization
Local Citation Building
Website Content Optimization
Google My Business Manager
Map Listings
Directory & Platform Listings 30 50
Lead Form & Call Tracking
Social Bookmarking
PPC Management ($175/mo + Budget)
PPC Retargeting ($75/mo)
PPC Display Advertising ($100/mo + Budget)

Average Retail With Other Companies

$1,000 $1,500 $2,100


   National SEO and Spanish SEO also available!