While a multi-faceted approach to search engine marketing is best, there can be areas of focus or budget constraints that guide what you can do. We customize programs based on dozens of current metrics specified to your business. One size does not fit all!



Appear higher in search engine results so potential clients find you much easier. Did you know that 75% of people never look past the first page? Let’s get you there or help you maintain that position while adding even more relevant keywords.




Pay Per Click

This is an effective way to target people who are already looking for a business like yours. Get in front of them easily and drive them to act. We manage it for a small fee and don’t keep anything other than what is spent for clicks.




Social Media Manager

There’s more to social media than beautiful posts and engagement. Keep doing your thing and let us enhance more of the technical side. You can eliminate other services and do everything in one place, as well.



Local Listings & Review Management

Appear and expand your presence across dozens of directories and listings online. There are hundreds that consumers use. Be listed in as many places as possible with the right information so discrepancies don’t hinder you.



Web Development


Are you updating your site every two years? If not, that can negatively impact your online presence and search engine results. From website to landing page campaigns to full blown apps, our team will produce the right combo for you.



Payment Processing


We will save you on card processing fees, which makes our service even more valuable and affordable! Our relationship with the country’s largest processing provider means we can get you better fees and resources. Save 1-3% with us. 


What You Get With Vendor Flare


Dashboard — See exactly what work we are doing and how it’s performing. You no longer have to guess what activity is happening on the web related to your business.


Reporting — You don’t have to check your dashboard every day. We’ll prepare and send reports every week with easy-to-grasp data consolidation.

Detailed Activities

Detailed Activities — We outline exactly what work will be done from Day 1 by the week and month. No more guessing or simply hoping things are happening behind the scenes.

Plan Pricing & Details

Local SEO

($850 – $1,650/mo)

1-6 Keywords

5-30 Target Keywords

Google My Business Manager

Directory Listings

Social Bookmarking

Lead & Call TrackingReview Management

Homepage Heatmap

PPC Campaigns

($175-$400/mo + Budget)

1. Standard PPC

2. Retargeting PPC

3. Display Ad PPC

National SEO Campaigns and Spanish SEO also available!

Bring what you’ve done and let us build upon it.



Flame Fire Blaze
$850/month $1,150/month $1,650/month
Keyword Category 1 3 6
Target Keywords 5 15 30
On Page Optimization
Local Citation Building
Website Content Optimization
Google My Business Manager
Map Listings
Directory & Platform Listings 30 50
Lead Form & Call Tracking
Social Bookmarking
PPC Management ($175-400/mo + Budget)
PPC Retargeting ($75-200/mo)
PPC Display Advertising ($100-300/mo + Budget)

Average Retail Price With Other Companies

$1,200 $1,800 $2,100


   National SEO and Spanish SEO also available!